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One of the best things about GTA 5 Online is choosing the best possible car. Fortunately, this becomes even better since the game has recently added a stunning new car that will make many people’s jaw drop.

The car in question is called the Dewbauchee Seven-70, which is said to be modeled after the Aston Martin. Its sleek, elegant looks will surely make any avid GTA 5 Online player salivate, although its price tag may make them stop in their tracks. The Dewbauchee Seven-70 is available at Legendary Motorsport and can be bought for $695,000 GTA money.

If this seems like a large amount of money, it’s because it actually is. The Dewbauchee Seven-70 is a lot more expensive compared to other cars in the game, such as the Jester (which costs only $240,000) and the Furore GT (which is sold at only $448,000). Still, it can be said that the Dewbauchee Seven-70’s price tag is influenced by its novelty (just like in the real world) and may therefore be available at a discounted rate in the future once it becomes not so new. It’s also it’s important to note that the car isn’t the costliest option in the game since other models have higher price tags, like the Pfister 811, which retails at $1,135,000.

Many gaming experts, though, warn that the Dewbauchee Seven-70 isn’t always the best option when it comes to racing, and they have labeled it as “good” but not “great”. It’s also not as customizable as other models since owners can only personalize its skirts, spoiler, and exhaust. Players should keep these in mind and ensure they don’t expect a lot from the Dewbauchee Seven-70 in terms of performance and customization. However, if looks are what they are after, the car will surely not disappoint.

Aside from the new car, GTA 5 Online will also get three new maps for Power Play. These maps cover the Port of Los Santos, the Los Santos International Airport, and the banks of the Alamo Sea. These areas have double RP and GTA$ up to July 8 only, so players should explore these places ASAP and reap the rewards.

Speaking of rewards, GTA 5 Online fans should check out the hot deals that Rockstar Games is offering, which include a 50 percent discount on the Savage military helicopter and a 25 percent discount on garage properties. Players can learn more about these offers through Rockstar’s official website. Take note: these deals are available until July 11 only, so take advantage of them now!