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If you are pondering between iOS 9 and iOS 10, you’ve come to the right place! We are going to compare the two operating systems and see which one is better for your needs.

Looking at the design and interface, on a first look it seems that there is no massive difference between the two OS. Though it depends on what part of it you are focusing, Apple indeed brought a new lock screen, a new notification/search page and a redesigned Notification Center. Besides these additions, the interface looks exactly the same.

A new feature incorporated into the new OS is the Raise to Wake function. This means that you just need to lift the phone up in order to see the lock-screen. Also, now you will get the chance to clear all the notifications by simply tapping once. Moreover, iOS 10 monitors your habits and choices, and by using this type of artificial intelligence it suggests you places you would like to visit. A thing that lots of people love is the fact that Maps also remembers where you’ve left your car.

Messages have also been revamped. Now you can add to them lots of visual animations, interesting effects and other sorts of gimmicks. Another interesting addition is the HomeKit, an app that controls devices on iOS. This is useful especially if you choose the Scenes feature, where you can group several settings under one button: a “Goodnight” scene might mean you are simultaneously closing the curtains, turning on the security cameras, lowering the thermostat, activating the motion detectors etc.