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There was a time, some time ago, that the Android operating system supported Adobe Flash Player

However, those times are long gone because Adobe couldn’t provide users with a smooth mobile Flash experience. Besides Android developers, Apple is also moving away from Flash for its operating systems, going toward HTML 5 like many web developers have embraced.


Still, there are an array of benefits in having Flash Player installed on a device and, because of this, people have wondered if it were possible to install it onto their devices that run Android. On top of that, many websites still use Flash, which means there are a number of problems with mobile browsing when Flash Player isn’t installed.

People who’d like to watch videos online or play a game based on Flash are not able to do so on an Android device.

Don’t lose hope though! There are several solutions people can use to install the Adobe Flash Player onto their Android smartphone or tablet, despite the company no longer supporting it.

How so?

  • In the device, users will need to go to Security under the Settings tab. They’ll need to check the option for Unknown Sources, which is located under device administration. They need to uncheck this once the installation of the Flash Player is complete.
  • They’ll need to visit the company’s page to download the installer file for Adobe Flash, either to a PC or onto the Android device.
  • Once downloaded, the installation file needs to be opened onto the Android device it will be installed on. Click on Install so the file will be installed.
  • Users will need to go to Google Play Store to download the Dolphin browser and, upon installation, they’ll need to open the settings page of the browser to ensure the Jetpack feature has been enabled. From there, they’ll need to choose web content and make sure the option for Flash Player is set to Always On.
  • Reboot the device, if deemed necessary.

When users follow the above steps, they can install Adobe Flash Player on any smartphone or tablet that no longer supports the program. Therefore, whenever a page has flash content on it, the website will run like it should in the browser.

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