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Rockstar is preparing a new GTA 5 update that will follow the successful “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” update that was released for GTA Online. Cunning Stunts DLC will be a “visually surreal and over-the-top evolution to racing in GTA Online” and GTA Online players who own a PS 4, Xbox One or PC will feel like they’re playing a version of the Trackmania Turbo racing game.

Rockstar will make many changes to the jumps, gasps, terrain and obstacles, being “tailored to match the attributes of specific vehicle classes, including new Super cars, Sports cars and Motorbikes,” and in addition, the developers will bring lots of racing-themed cosmetics, as such as tatted and dressed drivers, new motocross gear, racing suits, helmets and other additions.

The latest GTA Online came with the new Dewbauchee Seven-70, which can be bought from Legendary Motorsport. This sports class car was released alongside new locations for the Power Play adversary mode DLC.

Rockstar is also offering a new week worth of bonuses and GTA Online players, starting with three new Power Play locales and this weekend will follow a new playlist. “Mix it up with a new Double GTA$ & RP Playlist [this weekend] that includes a pair of Power Play maps (Aircraft Carrier and Bolingbroke Prison) along with a Trading Places skirmish at Redwood Lights Track for good measure,” said Rockstar.

Here’s the list of discounts that GTA Online players can take advantage of:

– 20 percent off offices and office interiors, which will help CEOs get their operations off the ground. In addition, players are getting 15 percent off all Warehouse Workbench Upgrades;

– 50 percent off the Savage and 25 percent off garages;

– Independence Day Content 25 percent off: “The chaotic outdoor gatherings full of inebriated acquaintances may be over, but you can still continue the patriotic celebration all week long with 25% off all the original Independence Day Special items on PS4, Xbox One and PC – including the Liberator monster truck, the Sovereign motorcycle, the Musket, the Firework Rocket Launcher and its ammo, and all the Special patriotic gear including Hats, T-shirts,” said Rockstar.