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If you keep close tabs on WhatsApp news, you probably already know about WhatsApp for Android version 2.16.150. As we reported earlier, the latest version allows you to draw on your pictures and add effects to them. Specifically, you can now add arrows, circles, and shadows to your photos, which may not seem much at first glance but is actually a huge step forward for the messaging app since these features weren’t available before.

Downloading Version 2.16.150

If you don’t yet have version 2.16.150, you can get it by opening your phone’s web browser and going to Click the “Become a Tester” button to sign up for the beta testing process. After signing up, you will receive an update with the beta version within a few minutes or hours.

Remember that you first need to have the WhatsApp application installed in your Android phone before you can become a beta tester. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll need to download it from the Play Store. Your WhatsApp testing version will be sent to you a few hours after you download the app and sign up for the testing process.

If you find it hard to register as a tester on Play Store, you can still download the latest beta version by using its APK. You can do this by going to and finding the latest version of the WhatsApp Messenger application. This is easy to do since APK Mirror lists WhatsApp versions from the latest to the oldest (including beta versions), so you’ll find the newest beta version at the top of the list. Download version 2.16.150, open the file once you’ve completely downloaded it, and follow the instructions that would appear on the screen to install the beta version in your phone.

It’s important to note that version 2.16.150 is still a beta, which means that it can contain several bugs and may not be as stable as publicly released versions. If you sign up for the testing program, it’s your job to identify these bugs and report them to WhatsApp so they can fix the issues before releasing 2.16.150 to the public.

What’s Up with Drawing and Adding Effects?

The new features may leave many WhatsApp users scratching their heads. Is this a way for WhatsApp to compete with Snapchat, which allows users to spice up their photos with flower crowns, dog noses, and other lenses? Maybe yes or maybe no. Either way, the new effects are great in highlighting things that you want your friends to notice on your photos. If you’re sending them a picture of the book you’re reading, you can circle a misspelled word or a funny paragraph. If you’re sending them a group photo of you and your family, you can use arrows to indicate where you are in the picture.