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Black Ops 3 DLC is finally on the horizon. And it’s not just a blurry vision or another rumor designed to dash our hopes the moment we make them. It is set to be released on PS4 on July 12 and on Xbox One and PC probably in mid-August. Finally!

You’ve probably seen the video teaser, which usually signals that the new DLC is definitely on its way. As was the usual pattern that fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 are aware of, new DLC packs come with new Zombies experience and multiplayer maps. Treyarch has been kind enough to provide fans with a quick look of the maps included in the DLC, all designed to whet their appetite and make them drool. And drool they shall.

Black Ops 3 DLC 3 maps


The Empire map is a remake of Raid from Black Ops 2, but with a Roman twist. It is set in ancient Roman times complete with villas, courtyards and other structures that bring ancient Rome to life. This is where you can put your movement abilities to good use.


The Cryogen map, as the name suggests, is an isolated cryogenic prison that “holds some of the world’s most dangerous criminals in frozen isolation”, as described by Activision. It is circular in form and is distinguished with its sentry towers and massive walls. Expect snipers to hide within the towers, and the game will mostly revolve around wall runs.


Activision describes this map as a Viking village frozen in time. Here, you not only battle enemies, but also the elements, including bone-chilling blizzards. Berserk is a medium-sized map that is sure to make game time more challenging than ever.


This small to medium-sized map is what Activision describes as “an arena where giant robots battle” for the pleasure of the spectators. The walls of the stadium provide a perfect venue for wall running, while the central pit makes plenty of room for high-speed combat.

Zombies Experience

In addition to the four maps, Black Ops 3 DLC also includes the Zombies experience that will take players to Stalingrad aka Gorod Krovi, aka City of Blood, as what it was called in the video teaser. With dragons that you may be able to control, and Russian mechs for enemies, this map is sure to turn into a bloody one.

With these new multiplayer apps, fans of Black Ops 3 DLC definitely have a lot to look forward to. And they won’t even have to wait for long.