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Adobe has released a new security update for its Flash Player last week. In other words, the older Adobe Flash Player version (and earlier versions) had a critical vulnerability that could crash and allow a hacker to take control of the infected system. Well, it seems that this issue has been fixed, but at the same time, you should know that there are other problems with the Adobe Flash Player that the developers haven’t fixed yet.

Well, it seems that Apple has published a support document where it clearly tell users that if they have an out-of-date version of Adobe Flash Player plugin, it will be automatically blocked when they will try to view Flash content on Safari browser.

We remind you that the Adobe Flash Player always had security issues and this is the reason why you should always keep this plugin updated. In other words, as soon as you see a new version of Adobe Flash Player, you should install it, or else you might find out that your computer has been exposed to hackers.

Apple is trying to reduce the risk of potential issues with macOS Sierra, where Safari will be able to deactivate Adobe Flash Player along with other plugins by default. In other words, Apple is trying to force more and more companies to switch to HTML5, as this player is way more secure.

As for now, if you still want to use the Adobe Flash Player on Safari, you will need head to the official Adobe website and get the latest Adobe Flash Player version from there. Once you install it on your computer, Safari will allow the player to run once again. However, one thing is for sure: it is just a matter of time until HTML5 will be one of the most used players out there and Adobe’s Flash Player will slowly die in the next 1-2 years.

What are your thoughts about Adobe’s way to stop the users from getting their computer infected?