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Recently there has been a new leak online from Microsoft: the Mobile Build 14383 Emulator for Windows 10. Those who are already using Build 14379 might not see the big deal in this, since we are getting close to the Anniversary Update, which is more promising. Since it is only an emulator, you can’t run it on the Mobile device, so you have to install it on the PC. Even so, you should wait a little more since Microsoft is expected to release soon build 14383.

Firstly, Microsoft will release the build for Windows Insiders. Then they will have the official release for the Windows 10 Mobile Build 14383 Emulator. Besides this, they will also release the 14383 SDK. The Anniversary Update isn’t going to be much different from the 14383, or any other build for Windows 10, which is not really a surprise. For those of you who might have forgotten when Microsoft announced the release of the Anniversary Update both for the PCs and mobiles with Windows 10, let us remind you that it’s going to take place on the 2nd of August.

Fans of the Lumia 1520 are hoping that one of these updates will bring an improvement for the brightness and battery life with this particular phone. As it seems, there have been some issues with the automatic brightness for this model. Besides this, other people complained about Windows 10 regarding their battery issues, lock screen problems, problems when sharing content and other app crashes. To this, the most recent build seems to have brought some improvements, since many users reported that their battery life extended, reaching even 3 days with Lumia 950X.

It remains to be seen what other improvements future builds will bring to Windows OS and PC users.