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There are mid-tier smartphones and phablets with different battery sizes which are drained fast by AMOLED or LCD screens. Some users complain that their devices can’t even last through the work day and they don’t know what to do to extend battery life. This problem can be partially solved by applying some of the following saving tips.

Use A Dark Or Black Wallpaper

It is known that AMOLED screens illuminate the colored pixels, so a colored wallpaper drains battery faster. This is why it’s indicated to use a dark-colored background, as darker pixels need less power to be lighted up.


Marshmallow introduced Doze, which is enabled by default and allows the device to enter hibernation mode when it’s unused for a prolonged period of time. Without Doze, a phone normally loses up to a quarter percent of its battery power over the night, but with Doze, it loses only 2-3 percent.

Use Greenify

Greenify doesn’t only promise to optimize device performance and improve battery life, as it really works compared to other Android applications. When you open many applications, but you forget about them and they’re running in the background, you can use Greenify to put them into hibernation.

Don’t Use Auto-brightness

Indeed, when you’re outside and it’s a sunny day, it’s hard to see something on the screen. Auto-brightness will adjust screen brightness using ambient light sensors, but when entering a darker room, the screen is brighter than necessary and it consumes battery quite fast. This is why it’s better to manually set the brightness according to your needs.

Lower The Screen Timeout Duration

There are users who set their display’s screen timeout to 1 minute and they’re wondering why their batteries die quickly. By setting the screen timeout to 15 seconds, this will help the battery run for longer.

Turn Off Air Gestures And Smart Scrolling

Smartphones are smart, but they don’t need to be so smart all the time. There are smart features, especially on Samsung devices, that are using a lot of battery power, so if you’re not using them all the time, it’s better to disable them.

Turn Off Vibrate And Haptic Feedback

Vibration alerts for incoming calls consume more power than ringtones, so it’s better to turn them off. You should do the same for haptic feedback, as well.