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As you may remember, Final Fantasy VII was released for iOS a year ago and now, it has finally been released for Android. So get ready to play!

Unfortunately, some game reviewers have noticed that there are some problems with the colors of the in-game cut scenes. This bug was also confirmed by Square Enix, the company responsible for the game, and they stated that they released it anyway.

Another bug that the company mentioned is that certain means of transport (airships, buggy, submarines) may freeze when the character embarks or disembarks. However, they also offered a solution for the problem which is to restart Final Fantasy VII from a save file and just keep on saving thoughts the game.

Another issue is the one related to the space the installation process takes up which is about 4GB but once the game is installed it will only take up 2GB.

And, if you were counting on the game working on any Android device, that you are in for a huge disappointment, because it actually works all right only on Nexus devices like Nexus 4 and up, Samsung Galaxy devices like S5 and up and Sony smartphones. Those devices also have the following requirement; they have to run Android 4.3 or a higher version of the OS.

Now that you know this, it’s time to talk about the price. The game can be bought and downloaded from the Google Play Store and it only costs $15.99.

However, keep in mind, that bugs can be fixed in the future with updates and that the game is 19 years old so chances are, if you’re in your 30s and up, you’ve probably played it on the OG Playstation.

If you want see what it looks like, you can watch the game trailer for the iOS on Youtube.