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There are an array of reports regarding the security issues plaguing Adobe Flash Player, and some reports say updating the plug-ins from Adobe could address the problems. For instance, some of Flash Player’s vulnerabilities are listed in the current top 10 security exploits.

Of course, Adobe Flash Player users may wonder if an update is even valid and ensuring they’re as safe as they can be when the software is being updated, especially since there are a number of problems linked to it. It’s important people understand how to assess how valid a Flash plug-in update is, but the first thing that should be known is what a plug-in is.

A plug-in is a software element that web browsers use to show certain kinds of content… like Flash. There are some cases where it comes pre-installed in the browser. However, there are instances where it’ll be manually added. It’s important people understand that finding out what version is installed isn’t as easy as one might think.

Adobe Flash Player is an extremely popular plug-in that’s been developed for multi-platform software on all major operating systems. The app offers call active content, meaning it provides additional functionality to web pages that are interactive or media-related capabilities.

The app is entrenched in web pages, offering people the chance to access users on all operating systems. And, because of that, malware writers and hackers use this as their attack point. It’s why the company has chosen to block the plug-in’s older versions. It’s also why users are advised to verify requests for update before they install anything.

How People Can Know When An Update Is Authentic

If users get a pop-up notification regarding the Flash installer, telling them their software is out-of-date and they must download and install the latest version, the best thing they can do is check with Adobe to ensure that it’s valid.  This can be done by visiting, typing it into the browser.  This page will provide people with the latest information regarding the latest Flash Player offered on all operating systems.  From here, a person will learn if their current version is out of date and if they should be updating their software.