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WhatsApp is very different from Snapchat. The former is a messaging application which allows users to send texts, photos, videos, audio files and to make voice calls, while the other is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application. According to the latest rumors, there have been discovered new image-editing features in a code from a beta version of WhatsApp and this suggests that soon, users will have the ability to edit and draw on images before they send them to their contacts. Just like Snapchat users do.

WhatsApp 2.16.150 is a new beta update that has been added to the Google Play store and users can download it only it they’re Beta testers. So, in this new update the Spanish publication Mensajeria Móvil has found clues that the application will soon receive image-editing tools.

There are 421 new files and six new icons are waiting to be activated. But one thing’s for sure: WhatsApp will receive image editing functionality soon and the proofs are these new files: draw_tool_background_normal.xml and draw_tool_background_selected.xml.

Some Twitter user has posted the application’s layout which contains the new editing functions and according to him, the function is currently hidden. Snapchat doesn’t have too many active users, but its popularity keeps increasing, especially that Google has used it to reveal the name of its upcoming operating system: Android Nougat.

WhatsApp will continue to be improved, as the developers have many ideas in mind and want to put them into practice. Lately, they’ve made many improvements, adding formatted text, document sharing etc. and they’re expected to bring the video calling feature as well. But it will be fun to be able to share images with text, or with drawings and why not, with stickers.

As we’ve told you, WhatsApp 2.16.150 can be downloaded from the Google Play store, but you must become a beta tester. However, the update can be found on WhatsApp’s official website as well, or on trusted websites such as APK Mirror.