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A few days ago, we talked about the WhatsApp 2.16.108 for Windows phones and noted that it was still in beta phase. Now, it seems that the new version has been publicly released and that its features are available to all WhatsApp users who have Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile phones.

If you’re one of these folks, you’ll need to download version 2.16.108 right away because it can greatly help your experience with WhatsApp. Specifically, it can solve the bugs that were present in versions 2.16.102 and These bugs affect the multi-select feature, causing the app to freeze whenever the feature was used and requiring users to return to the WhatsApp home to unfreeze the app. If you’ve downloaded the previous versions of WhatsApp and are experiencing this problem, you can get rid of it by downloading version 2.16.108.

There’s no need to worry since you can still experience the new and exciting features that the previous updates have brought about. You’ll still enjoy the redesigned user interface along with quote support, which allows you to copy previous messages, paste them as quotes in a new message, and add your message below them. With these new features, navigating the WhatsApp application and maintaining smooth conversations with your loved ones become easier and less complicated.

Unfortunately, version 2.16.108 does not bring about video calling, which is one of the most awaited features on WhatsApp. The team behind the app has not given any indication as to when video calling will be made available or even if they’re working on it at all. This continues to be a source of disappointment for users who are hoping to use WhatsApp to enjoy video calls with their family and friends, particularly those who live far away.

Still, despite the absence of the video calling feature, it’s important to download 2.16.108 so you can fix the multi-select bug in the current version and enjoy better overall stability and security when using WhatsApp. You can download the latest version by opening the Microsoft Store app on your Windows phone. You can also open your phone’s web browser, type on the address bar, and search for “WhatsApp”. Choose WhatsApp Messenger, tap on the “Get the app” button and follow the instructions on the screen to install the application in your phone.