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There are many reasons why Gmail is the most popular mailing system worldwide starting with the reliable cloud service and ending with the feature that lets you log on from anywhere and chances are you are already using it.

So, here are a few suggestion that will make your Gmail experience more efficient in terms of security, not it’s not significantly more secure than other mailing systems, but it never hurts to do your part as well.


The best mail account passwords are those that combine numbers, letters and symbols. It’s also a good idea to use a phrase that you like and replace letters with numbers that resemble some of those letters like ‘E’ replaced with ‘3’. Here’s an example: ‘I lov3 my p3t monk3y Fr3d’.

It’s also not a good idea to use the same password for all of your online accounts because if a hacker should break your Gmail account, he could gain access every other account you have like online banking for example.

Two step verification

This is a Google feature that protects your account efficiently. Basically, if you opt for this, you’ll get the standard username and password but you will also get a code sent via text message. This implies that you will have to provide a valid phone number for this to work.

Update account options

Sometimes we forget our passwords and there is no way to retrieve that information even. Gmail has many recovery options and one of those makes use of your phone number which is very useful. In order to set yout Password Recover Options you’ll have to search for this feature in>> Settings>> Security >> Update recovery options.

Also, if Gmail has notified you that you’ve logged one from a device you don’t recognize it’s possible that your account was hacked and you can solve that mystery by going to Last Account Activity >> Detail

Don’t answer phishing scams

Never answer emails from people you don’t know that send you an urgent message that requires your personal info and bank account details. In fact, besides ignoring and deleting them, it’s also advisable that you report them by going to Reply >> Report Phishing.

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