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Hooray, pokefans! The Pokemon Go game has finally been released for Android and iOS. However, it’s only available in certain countries.

It first became available in New Zealand and Australia and, a day later, it was released in the US as well. It hasn’t been launched din Japan yet but The Pokemon Company stated that Japanese players will have to wait for a while.

There is no word so far regarding the release of the game app in other countries like Canada or the UK but let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will arrive to them in no time.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game for mobiles and makes use of your device’s sensors and camera combined with location based algorithms that enable it to place the pokemon creatures in reality. That means that as you travel to certain locations in the city, you can find and catch the adorable pokemon. On top of that, there are also specific places for training them known as gyms.

The company responsible for the game is Niantic and they have also created a very successful augmented reality game named Ingress before they ventured into pokemon territory. The game was created in collaboration with Nintendo.

Pokemon Go is a free game, but it does feature microtransations that cost up to $99.99 with the lowest microtransaction being $0.99. The game can also be played on a wearable that is scheduled for release sometime this month. The wearable allows you to play Pokemon Go without unlocking your phone.

Both The Pokemon Company and Nintendo said nothing about the game’s release date until the E3 event held in June 2016. And, as soon as the beta testing for the game ended, on the 30th of June, they released the game only a few days later.