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Finally, good news regarding Pokemon Go! After being announced in September 2015 and being extremely waited for all along, now it has been made available for the App Store and Google Play. However, in the beginning there was some kind of panic among people all over the world, since the augmented reality game wasn’t available for everybody. Many people were upset because the Pokemon Company declared that fans who live in Japan or the US should have to wait more in order to receive the official launch.

Australia and New Zealand got access to the game, but India didn’t and it seems they are still waiting for it. They are hoping that it won’t take that long for the release to reach their country too. Meanwhile, it seemed that the US and Japan got to enjoy the game sooner than they expected after the company’s declaration.

For those who were off the planet until now and did not hear anything about it, Pokemon Go is a game that lets the players explore their own cities and places they live by searching for Pokemons. They can use their smartphones and find the creatures hiding in the wild by using location info and AR technology. You can even discover Gyms where you can train your Pokemons and hide and secure your special items (e.g., Pokemon eggs) in interesting places like monuments or museums.

Many people objected though to this way of imagining the game, claiming that it is too demanding, give the fact that you can’t just relax at home and play it, you actually have to get up and roam the city. Look at the bright side, you’ll be exercising more!