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It has surfaced that Here Maps will no longer be included in the Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

However, if you were using Here Maps for navigation, don’t worry because Microsoft has already thought about this issue and has released a tool that enables users to export their favorite locations on Here Maps to an updated version of Maps V.5.

The particular export tool was developed by Jerome Mevel and can be found at the site. The steps are easy to follow and you should not encounter any problems.

The updated Maps V.5 has many awesome features that make it a far better navigation app that Here Maps such as multiple searches, guided navigation updates, improved detail cards and generally more offline support.

The multiple searches feature is very useful when you want to view more searches on the same map and it also has visual effects when hovering over certain points on the map. The guided navigation updates are great and most notably they even feature notifications telling you when to get of a bus and not miss your stop. The improved detail cards enable users to find certain activities associated with a place of interest like making reservations on a restaurant, checking a restaurant’s menu before you make a reservation.

The removal of Here Maps from Windows 10 Mobile is not an unusual thing as many apps have been eliminated recently as well. This is in no way a bad thing, it just means that Microsoft wants to keep its OS as fresh and useful as possible and not have it loaded with apps.

Owners of the Windows Phone 8.1 can still use Here Maps apparently but that is a very outdated mobile OS and it’s advisable that they upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile for a better smartphone experience.