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MacBook Pro 2016 is rumored to have a fingerprint sensor, which isn’t exactly big news since this is to be expected. After all, when Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 was unveiled, it had this particular feature on-board. It was just a matter of time before Apple adds a similar feature.

But this rumor might turn out to be true. A 2007 patent filed by Apple and subsequently granted indicates the use of a fingerprint sensor to be added on the MacBook. According to the patent, “Finger sensing apparatus using hybrid matching and associated methods” will be added on the future generations of MacBook. It also showed a biometric sensor.

It is possible that the upcoming MacBooks will have the Touch ID feature that already exists on the iPhone and iPad.

This information is further backed by a discovery made by tech geeks about a code on macOS Sierra that revealed a fingerprint sensor. Apparently, the new Apple computers will run on the said OS.

What is so great about the Touch ID?

It is ideal for people who’d rather not bother with complex passwords and still keep their Apple devices secure. This biometric fingerprint authentication technology will allow you to unlock your phone with just a press of the Home button, but based on your fingerprint.

A capacitive ring activates the scanner upon contact and then take a picture of your fingerprint at a very high resolution. If the fingerprint matches, a yes token will be released. Otherwise, it’s a no.

Due to its convenience, Apple users are sure to take time to secure their phone without doing a lot.

A bit of bad news

While a fingerprint sensor is on the horizon for upcoming MacBooks, it is unclear as to when it will be integrated and to which Apple computer. So it is possible that the MacBook Pro 2016 may or may not have it.

One thing is for sure, MacBook Pro 2016 release date is sooner than later.