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If you live in Zimbabwe, then you’ve probably realized that the WhatsApp application is not working anymore. It seems that many people have already tweeted about this issue, but we don’t know what happened and why the application is not working anymore in this country.

According to reports, WhatsApp is NOT working on these following mobile networks:

– NetOne
– Telecel
– Econet
– TelOne
– Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe
– ZOL Zimbabwe.

However, there are reports which say that the WhatsApp application is still working without any issues in the Africom mobile network.

For now, we’re not sure why the popular mobile messaging application is not functioning in this country, but as soon as we find some information about it, we will let you know. It’s not sure if these ISPs are actually intentionally blocking the WhatsApp servers, but if this is happening, we’re pretty sure that the government is behind this.

We remind you that there were reports a few days ago saying that the government from Zimbabwe wants to block the access to social media. However, Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services in Zimbabwe, said that the government doesn’t have any intention to block the social media in this country.

Maybe he lied, maybe he didn’t, but the government will always deny that they asked the ISPs to block the WhatsApp application. On the other hand, the ISPs will never say that the government has asked them to do that and, instead, they will say that it is a technical issue. If you live in Zimbabwe, in order to access WhatsApp (or other banned social media networks), you will need to install VPN app in order to make the block useless.

Hopefully, this is actually just a technical issue, but since the WhatsApp app doesn’t function on all the mentioned mobile networks, we’re pretty sure that it is not.