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Nowadays, more and more people are migrating from cable TV providers and they’re choosing streaming sticks, which are very cheap and offer unique features. Plus, they integrate with mobile apps and also they have a wealth of available apps to choose from. Today we’re comparing the second generation Chromecast with the latest Rocku stick model and we’ll try to help you choose the best solution.


The second gen Chromecast no longer looks like a memory stick, evolving into a disc-shaped body that has a short HDMI flexible cable and which can be magnetically attached behind a television. The new Roku stick is longer, measuring 6.5 x 6.5 x 0.8 inches, and it’s not recommendable for a television that is wall mounted.


The new Chromecast may have a new design, but its end-functions are the same. The device is plugged into the HDMI port of the TV, it connects to a WiFi network and it’s controlled from an Android smartphone. Setting up the new Roku Stick is also very easy, but it comes with a remote with which you can control it. The Chromecast has a “cast” icon for every supported app on the Android smartphone, while the Roku Stick has a homescreen dashboard where you can navigate through menus.

Supported Services

Both streamers support the two popular services Netflix and Hulu, which come with a monthly subscription, but there are also other services offered by cable networks such as HBO, Comedy Central, Starz etc. Roku Stick supports in addition Amazon Video and Time Warner.

Other features

Android users can perform screen mirroring with both sticks, so if you have a presentation on your phone, you don’t need to wire the device to a television set. Also, you can mirror games, but those with killer graphics can be overwhelming for this feature. The Roku Stick has a distinct feature – private listening mode which allows you to watch shows without bothering the person who sleeps in your room.