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The English trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon showed nine new Pokemons that come from Alola. The new creatures presented by the team are called Charjabug, Vikavolt, Bruxish, Togedemau, Komala, Tapu Koko, Drampa, Rockruff and Cutiefly. But let’s find out more about each of them.

Tapu Koko is in fact a Pokemon fairy that is also electric. The producers endowed it with a new electric ability, an electric surge that has not been previously used in the game. Vikavolt on the other hand is an electric bug. Its special ability is the fact that it breathes fire and that it can zoom in the forest and control a ray of electricity through its jaws. Charjabug is also an electric bug, but its power it’s really interesting: it can raise the special moves of its allies and use their powers.

Drampa is in fact a dragon and his ability is a Berserk one. When its HP is lower than half, the Special Attack increases with one. Bruxish is a water Pokemon and his special ability is a Dazzling one, he can prevent its enemies from using the moves they would normally use first. Cutiefly is a fairy bug and it can see the aura of living beings, such as people, plants and, of course, Pokemons.

The last three of them are also very interesting. Komala is a normal type of Pokemon, but it has not been seen awake until now. It is always drowsing due to its comatose capacity, so he can’t get other status conditions. Rockruff is in fact a rock, but it has a great sense of smell and never forgets an odor. Finally, Togedemaru is an electric Pokemon that stores electricity.