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The “Pokemon Go” field testing has finished last Thursday and since then we’ve seen the internet full of reviews made by testers. Well, it seems that not all of them agree with each other, as we’ve seen some saying that are very impressed about the game, while others said that the game is not that great.

For example, Nick Statt, from The Verge, said that he had fun playing “Pokemon Go”, but sometimes, he felt frustrated especially because of the game’s technology. It seems that “Pokemon Go” requires a smartphone that is able to see the map environments and to understand them.

We remind you that during the E3 2016 was mentioned that a wearable device named Pokemon Go Plus will be available for this game, but it will *NOT* be required to play the game. However, if you will play this game, you will surely want to purchase this wearable, as it comes with a few requirements that will not make you very happy (especially if you have an older device).

The Pokemon GO Plus is compatible with Apple smartphones that run on iOS 8 or Android smartphones that run on version 4.3 or later. At the same time, smartphones that don’t come with Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technology will *NOT* be allowed to install the game.

In other words, it can run on iPhone 5 (and later) or Galaxy S5, but according to the game’s requirements, any decent smartphone that has been released in the last three years should be able to run the game without any issues.

According to other reviews, some players found this game quite addicting (such as the other Pokemon games). When the game will be officially released, it will be free to play, but if you want to get the Go Plus wearable device, you will need to pay 35 dollars.

If the rumors prove to be right, the Pokemon Go game will be officially released on July 11, 2016.

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