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We’re talking about two different games, which can be combined. A Reddit user named Requag has found a way to build a Game Boy Advance in Minecraft, and he was inspired from the old Pokemon Fire Red game. Reqaug, the creator, has explained that the game is pretty simple and wochit News has even posted a trailer of the Pokemon Fire Red-Minecraft version on YouTube.

The Pokemon Fire Red-Minecraft version can be played with the Game Boy Advance console and in the trailer we’ve noticed that the gameplay of Pokemon Fire Red in Minecraft appears as layers of patterned blocks that are normally presented in Minecraft. The Pokemon Fire Red blocks look like tiles and they move as players make their way through the game.

However, Requag said that the Pokemon Fire Red version in Minecraft is not for players addicted to adrenaline, but he is working with his team to bring better graphics and movement, in order to make the game more attractive.

It seems that the Pokemon Fire Red version is compatible with Minecraft version 1.10 and no mod is needed. Requag has successfully recreated the Pokemon Fire Red gameplay and fans of this series can have an idea what else can be built within the game.

Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon franchise creator Satoshi Tajiri didn’t seem to be bothered by this version of the game played in Minecraft, as he already saw it in its developmental stage. Perhaps, in the future, Tajiri will consider hiring Requag and bring it to his team, to work on upcoming other Pokemon game versions.

Pokemon Fire Red was released alongside Pokemon Blue in 2004, being enhanced remakes of the original video games that were launched in 1996. The developers have maintained the traditional gameplay of the series and introduced new features, but reviewers have complained about the graphics, considering them too simplistic.

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