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Last week we got the great news that Microsoft released the most recent update for Xbox One. This brought lots of fixes to already existing bugs and a handful of enhancements. The update takes up half a GB of space and it includes a TV app and Universal Movies, but not only. A much appreciated addition is the Xbox Universal Store.

Microsoft also revised some older features such as EA access, Xbox Avatars, Microsoft Edge, Narrator, One Drive and so on. They also announced that they prepared an update for Xbox One Preview, and this is also packed with lots of fixes. If we were to believe the report made by Windows Central, the latest update will be available for download starting the 6th of July, at 1 AM (PDT). Just like with any update, you will be able to check if it’s available and to start its installation manually.

But what did they fix? Sometime “My Games and Apps” did not launch correctly and they managed to solve this. Also, Cortana had some issues sometimes with localization and recording. In Narrator, the size of the games often appeared incorrectly and there was an issue with games and apps that were out of order. Sharing on Xbox Live also had a problem with localization for German and there was a bug that did not show the battery icon correctly. It is to be appreciated that they managed to solve all this.

However, keep in mind that there are also other stuff that they did not get to fix on this update. For instance, Cortana sometimes has a slow connection to the network, even though the network works perfectly. And this is just one example. Let’s hope the next update will bring more fixes!