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Rumor had it last week that Pangu may have prepared already a jailbreak for iOS 10, even though the official version of Apple isn’t going to be released until this autumn. The developers are said to have shown how Cydia can run on iOS 10 a few days ago, more precisely in Shanghai, at the Mobile Security Conference held there. Oddly enough, there’s no jailbreak for the 9.3.2 version of the iOS, which is the current one.

The reason for this is the fact that the Pangu team and others find it harder and harder to unlock the Apple OS, and Apple does this on purpose. In fact, you can notice that there are few jailbreaks quite apart from each other, and this happens because the developers want to focus on the big OS updates.

At the presentation held by Pangu last week, many people asked about the jailbreak for 9.3.2 too. Those who attended the event said that they plan on releasing it soon, though we don’t know how soon is that. However, people are focusing more on the jailbreak for the tenth version of the OS. Truth be told, the previous version does not bring too many changes to the device, so according to many, it’s not worth the effort of jailbreaking it.

If you don’t want to have any troubles with new operating systems or their jailbreaks, you should totally resume to keeping the lowest one possible. The reason for this is the fact that it is the most stable one, whereas the new versions have bugs and need to be constantly updated, at least in the beginning. The same things goes for their jailbreaks too, since they might be quite unstable right after their release.