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The second BETA for the upcoming iOS 10 has been released for the developers. As you already know, this new iOS 10 BETA can be accessed only by users who have a developer account. In addition, Apple has also released the macOS Sierra BETA 2, but once again, this version is ONLY available for the users who have a developer account.

We remind you that the company headquartered in Cupertino, California has released the first iOS 10 and macOS BETA versions right after the WWDC Keynote. This is because they want to make sure that the developers could already start getting used with the new APIs during the WWDC event. iOS 10 and macOS Sierra operating systems are expected to be officially released sometime in September 2016.

However, before then, Apple will also release a public BETA for the public so that you can check out this upcoming operating system before it gets officially released. The public beta of the iOS 10 and macOS is expected to come this month (July 2016), but the company didn’t reveal an official date when this will happen. If the developers will not find any major bug in iOS 10 BETA 2, we could see an iOS 10 public BETA being released in the next few days.

It is good to know that the Siri update with third-party integrations has been brought to the iOS 10. This will be quite hard to see during the BETA, as third-party developers haven’t released and will not release any iOS 10 apps for now, as they are still testing stuff to see how the new operating system is running.

The Photos App in the iOS 10 has received a big update and you will notice that it will categorize the photos much better than before and it will also feature an updated face recognition feature. In addition, Messaging, Apple Music, Apple Maps, Phone App and HomeKit are receiving update.

Will you test out the iOS 10 BETA once it will be available for public?