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“Battlefield 1” is an upcoming game that is expected to arrive in October. A limited number of gamers were able to enjoy the closed alpha in short time, but some of them couldn’t keep their mouth shut and shared information about this first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

The Battlefield 1 closed alpha was held in June and even if gamers who were selected to be part of the program have signed a confidentiality contract, leaks still appeared on the internet, revealing information about the full list of weapons, gadgets, maps, the campaign and the multiplayer game modes.

A Reddit user named Lobix300 has presented all relevant details about the “Battlefield 1” and he said that at launch, the game will have ten multiplayer maps, seven game modes, 50 weapons and six single player campaign “episodes” containing chapters.

Each single-player campaign will have seven episodes, which will be made up of 20 chapters. The weapons will consist of 35 guns and PC Gamer said that the “Lee Enfield MK III” will be included. There were also spotted class kits and a Medic’s Rifle Launcher, while gadgets include ammo crates, grenades, mines, gas masks, medic bags, flare guns and many more.

Lobix has revealed that there will be six maps and the names of four of them are familiar: “Chateau”, “Desert”, “FaoFortress”, “Forest”, “Argonne” and “Suez”. The list of game modes includes “Air Superiority”, “Breakthrough”, “Conquest”, “Domination”, “Rush”, and “Team Deathmatch”. Players will be also able to customize their soldier faces, choosing from 11 different skins.

“Battlefield 1” will be officially released on October 21 and will have versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but fans will have the possibility to pre-order the game on October 18. The Beta 1 will be released this Summer.

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