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During the annual E3 event that was held this year, Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Play Anywhere feature that will allow you to buy participating cross-platform games once (for your console) and play them on both your Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. It is good to know that the American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington will bring this feature to all its first-party games to Xbox One and Windows 10.

According to reports, the Xbox Play Anywhere is expected to be released on September 13, 2016. However, in order to use this option, you will need to get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (on your PC) and the summer Xbox One update (on your console).

In order to make your life easier, Microsoft will include a “Play Anywhere” logo on the Xbox Store in order to let you know that the game will also be available on your Windows 10 PC once purchase it on the Xbox Store.

Here are a few of the games that will support Xbox Play Anywhere feature:

– We Happy Few
– Crackdown 3
– Halo Wars 2
– Gears of War 4
– ReCore
– Forza Horizon 3
– Scalebound
– Killer Instinct Season 3
– Ark: Survival Evolved
– State of Decay.

We are pretty sure that Microsoft will bring even more game titles to this feature, which will allow you to play them on your Windows 10 PC once you purchase them on from the Xbox Store.

We also remind you that aside from this, Microsoft is also trying to bring cross-platform play from its Xbox One and Sony’s PS4. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t give any sign that it does agree about this, as the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation will most likely have more to lose than to win.

The Xbox One is currently cheaper than the PS4 which means that if cross-platform play will come, more gamers will prefer to purchase the Xbox One (as it is cheaper) instead of the buying the PS4 (as they will be able to play games with their friends that already own a PS4).

What are your thoughts about the Xbox Play Anywhere?