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Street Fighter V is a fighting video game that has been developed by Dimps and published by Capcom. The game has been released for PS4 and Windows PC back in February 2016 and it has received pretty good feedback from both players and game critics. In addition, Street Fighter V is also expected to be released for Linux and it seems that it will feature cross-platform play between the PS4 and Windows PC versions.

However, it seems that the game has also received some negative feedbacks and this was because it didn’t come with too much content and too many characters, but it also had some issues regarding its servers at the release of the game. Capcom was expecting to sell more than 2 million copies of Street Fighter V before March 31, 2016, but it seems that it managed to sell only 1.4 million copies.

Street Fighter V: Update – What’s New?

Street Fighter V has received now “A ShadowFalls” story mode that all fans of the game have been expecting for a while. The new update has brought new premium costumes and two new characters: Balrog and Ibuki. This new update has 16GB in size, which is half the size of modern major releases.

Below you can see the trailer of the Street Figther V: A ShadowFalls update:

It is good to know that the Street Figther V: A ShadowFalls is a FREE DLC update and you can get it from the PS Store or Steam without paying a cent for it. Once the download is complete, you will be able to play the new story mode and also test out the new characters: Balrog and Ibuki.

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