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We remind you that Microsoft said at the beginning of the year that Xbox One will launch a cross-platform play feature. Back then, a bunch of comments have clearly showed that not many fans of Microsoft’s console are ok with this upcoming feature. However, American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, said that by bringing cross-platform play to the Xbox One, this will allow their players to reach other players from other consoles, which is always a good thing.

Ed Fries, co-creator at Xbox, said in an interview that he’s hoping that Sony will consider bringing cross-platform to its console. Fries added that by adding this feature to both of the consoles, this will bring more cooperation and respect between these two companies and they will both have to win from this.

Unfortunately, Sony didn’t officially reply to Fries’ request, but we’re pretty sure that many gamers, especially the ones who own an Xbox One, are waiting for a positive answer from the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo. We remind you that, currently, there are more owners of the Xbox One consoles out there and from this cross-platform feature, Microsoft will be the company who will have to win.

There are high chances that Sony will answer negatively about adding this feature to its console, but they will also need to think about the gamers that are playing on their PlayStation 4 console. There are many PS4 owners out there who have friends that own Xbox One consoles and this stops them from being able to play with their friends online.

However, if the cross-platform will be added to the Xbox One and PS4, this will surely boost the sales on the Xbox One console, because it is currently cheaper than the PS4 console and we’re pretty sure that Sony doesn’t want to see an increase in sales for its rival company.

Do you think that Sony will decide to bring cross-platform play on its PS4?

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