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It seems that Apple has released new emoji sticker packs in the App Store, which you will be able to purchase and use inside your iMessage application. These new emoji packs can now be purchased by the iOS 10 beta testers.

The four new emoji packs are named: Hands, Hearts, Smileys and Classic Mac. We can say that these packs are not that great, but they clearly show what the developers are capable of doing before the iOS 10 is finally released to the public in this fall.

As expected, the Hands emoji set comes with hand gestures made by hand fitted with a white glove. The Hearts emoji set has 10 new emojis that shows different kind of animations with hearts. The Smileys emoji set comes with a few types of faces with the familiar “yellow-faced smileys” that we have been using in the past. The Classic Mac emoji set comes with 8-bit icons that are inspired from the classic Apple computers, which includes the magnifying glass, finger or cursor emoji.

Once you install these animated emojis you will be able to access them via the redesigned Messages application that the iOS 10 comes with. We remind you that during the Worldwide Developers Conferences (WWDC) that Apple has held last month, the animated were firstly presented. In other words, the iOS 10 beta testers have been waiting for them.

These four new emoji packs are expected to be released for third party developers once the iOS 10 will be released. In other words, you will be able to use these emojis in other applications developed by other companies, as long as they will implement them. The iOS 10 is also expected to bring other new features such as voicemail transcription, Quick Type keyboard (smarter), redesigned News, Maps and Music Apps and more.

What are your thoughts about the new emoji sets that Apple has released for iOS 10?