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The ROM developer community found in China has just appeared on the market ith a new software for the OnePlus One device. This is based on the most recent version of the Android Marshmallow operating system and it includes updated patches for security, a useful enhancement of performance and lots of other interesting features, like the double tapping for wake option.

There are some things you should know before installing a custom ROM though. Smartisan OS Android Marshmallow custom ROM can only be used on OnePlus One devices only. Do not try to use it on other devices since you may brick them! If you’re not sure what device you have, go to Settings/ About phone/ Model Number. After that, you have to root your device. The Bootloader must be unlocked and for this you can find lots of instructions online.

Even though the installment of this custom ROM will bring some significant improvements when it comes to UI and performance, keep in mind that it will render the warranty void and you cannot receive further updates of the software. If you would like to upgrade it later on, you can re-install a stock ROM.

You will also need to clear the memory in your phone before installing a custom ROM. It would be wise to have a back-up copy of all the data. You can do this by installing Clockwork Mod Recovery. Install the required drivers on the PC, since only this the device would be recognized by it. It is especially important to charge your phone at least to 80%, since if you interrupt the process of installation abruptly, your phone might end up getting bricked and we’re pretty sure you don’t want that.