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There are many rumors saying that Apple will supposedly launch the iPhone 7 in a new color this year. After the fame with the rose gold iPhone was released, it seems that users cannot get enough when it comes to new colors.

We all know about Martin Hajek, one of our favorite concept smartphone designers. His artistic images of the unreleased Apple devices are always a bulls-eye and show as almost identical if the rumors become true.

In this episode of rumors, Hajek shows us mockups of the iPhone 6S device including a new color. And if you are wondering why the iPhone 6S is the phone that ‘steals the show’ – it is mostly because Apple are rumored to release an almost same phone like the iPhone 6S – with only a little tweaks in its design like removing the antenna bars and headphone jack.

So, here is how Hajek visualizes the iPhone 7 in space black color scheme – and how we want it to be as well:

black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-7 black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-6 black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-5 black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-4 black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-3 black-iphone-7-martin-hajek-1

We must say that this space black version of the iPhone 7 looks awesome – and would be pleased if it becomes true at any point. And if you are getting tired of the ‘same ol’ same’ white displays hurting your eyes – this is definitely the version you need.

When paired with a pair of black Lighting EarPods and a black Apple Watch, this phone looks even better. Whether you are a fan of Game Of Thrones or simply love black as a color – this phone is again for you.

In the end, we can only be amazed and hope that this alternative is considered by Apple in their next release. It’s bold, minimalistic and goes in line with all the recent trends. And aside from the fact that Apple’s white scheme sells as crazy – the black will hopefully share the same interest.