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It seems that the update version 1.6 for Fallout 4 is now available on Steam BETA and according to reports it will be soon available for PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Today we will talk about the changes and fixes that the Fallout 4 Update version 1.6 comes with, so in case you own a PS4 or an Xbox One console, you will know what to expect from the next Fallout 4 update.

Fallout 4: Update 1.6 – Changes

– Stability and performance of the game have been improved;
– A crash that was happening while targeting an enemy weapon while in VATS has been fixed;
– An issue where your companion would be stuck walking and/or unable to run has been fixed;
– An issue that was causing the player to get stuck in elevators while in Mass Fusion Building has been fixed;
– The “Boston After Dark” quest will not complete properly when you will be waiting for “Old Man Stockton”;
– An issue that was causing the player to become permanently invisible has been fixed;
– The dead settlers can no longer be assigned to supply lines or commanded;
– An issue that was causing other saves to disappear while you’ve been trying to delete other saved games has been fixed;
– Bug fixes and optimizations has been added to MODS.

All the mentioned fixes and changes are already available on the Fallout 4: PC version via Steam BETA and it is expected to be released for consoles sometime soon. In order to get this update on your Fallout 4: PC version, you will need to right click the Fallout 4 game in the Steam Library, then click on Settings and select “Betas”. By doing this, a pop-up menu will appear, where you will need to select “Beta” and after confirming, you will automatically receive the update.