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Bethesda is preparing to release a new update for Fallout 4, confirming that version 1.6 is currently in Steam Beta and that it will come with a new type of saved game, Exitsave, which will create a temporary save file when existing the main menu.

Bethesda has thought about players who wanted to save progress in Survival Mode, but were unable to find a bed in the game. The addition of Exitsave has solved this problem and users will be very happy about this change. Moreover, the new update will bring add-on specific icons in Workshop mods, as well as support for the new DLC that Bethdesda has announced at E3: Vault-Tech Workshop, which will arrive this July, and Nuka-World in August.

Here is the full list of bug fixes that will be included in Fallout 4 1.6 update:

– Stability and performance improvements;
– A fix for a crash that occurred when targeting an enemy weapon while in VATS;
– A fix for an issue that made a Companion to become stuck walking and unable to run;
– A fix for an issue in “Mankind Redefined” which now prevents players from getting stuck in elevators while in Mass Fusion Building;
– A fix for an occasional issue that made the player become permanently invisible;
– A fix for an issue that caused other saves to disappear when deleting saved games;
– A fix for an occasional issue related to activating mods that did not come from;
– Fixes for other bugs and optimizations to Mods load order and browsing;
– Players no longer command or assign dead settlers to supply lines;
– In “Boston After Dark” quest now completes properly when waiting for Old Man Stockton.

Fallout 4 1.5.4 update came with mod support to Xbox One and PC, and PS4 users have to wait a little longer, and the studio said that “We will update everyone when we can. Thanks for your patience,” adding that “We still have some work and some final things to do. Every platform handles a few things slightly differently and there’s just little things that we have to get in place to make sure the mods actually work and go where they’re supposed to.”