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It seems that Blizzard is now hiring a new Diablo Project director, which, at first, you might think that the Diablo IV is underway. However, according to the popular game developing company, Josh Mosqueira, the current Diablo III director, has left the company.

Blizzard also said that since Diablo III is in a good place right now, Mosqueira felt that it is the exact time when he could pursue other projects with a minimal impact to the Diablo III team. The company said that this position could be filled by either a person from inside the company or outside of it.

This is the reason why the game director job opening is for, as Blizzard is now searching for someone to replace Mosqueira. We remind you when Diablo III has been released the game has received a lot of criticism from the gamers due to the low drop rate of items and the action house that uses real money. In other words, anyone who would have enough money in real life would be able to purchase almost anything he ever wanted and we have to agree that this is not the type of game players have been expecting.

However, when Mosqueira got the Diablo III director from Jay Wilson, we’ve seen many improvements brought to the game, such as the Reapers of Souls expansion, but also the removal of the auction house, which has been requested by the gamers.

In other words, the job opening, which is actually searching for someone to replace Mosqueira, could mean that Blizzard is just looking for a person to be the head of Diablo III. However, it seems that the company is also hiring several other positions, which suggests that we might see a new expansion being released for Diablo III or maybe a new Diablo IV game.

However, more information about this will most likely be released during BlizzCon, an event that will be held by Blizzard in November 2016.