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Google has officially announced the name of its upcoming operating system, and it’s not Nutella, as fans have hoped. According to Google, Nougat was a better choice, and if you don’t know what kind of dessert this is, we’ll tell you that it’s made of sugar or honey, roasted nuts, whipped egg whites and chopped candied fruit. Android Nougat will come pre-installed on the new Nexus phones that will be created by HTC and some of its new features were already revealed in the Developer Previews that were accessible only to owners of the Nexus 6, 6P, 5X, Pixel C, Nexus Player, General Mobile 4G and Sony Xperia Z3. So, here are the top features that you should expect in Android Nougat, once it will be released.


Split view multitasking is a feature that Apple has introduced on its iPad and Google stole the idea, offering Android users the ability to look at two applications at once in a split screen. This feature was also used by Samsung and LG on their phones, but Google will bring in addition picture-in-picture, an option for applications that play videos.

Google Assistant

Google Now was pretty useful, but it only answered questions and provided information based on voice commands. The new Assistant will allow users to engage in a more natural dialogue with their devices and in addition, through OpenTable, they will be able to search for restaurants and to make reservations.

Reply In A Notification

This feature was firstly brought to Android Wear watches and from now on, Android users will be able to reply to text messages by tapping the little alert that will pop up at the top of the screen.

Bundles Of Notifications

If you’re the type of user who installs lots of applications, then your notification menu is full of alerts and you don’t know how to become more organized, then you’re surely appreciate the addition of this feature, which will group together notifications from their app.

Doze on the Go

This is the improved version of Doze, the battery saver that kicks in when the phone is not in use and standing still. Doze on the Go will kick in even if the phone will be in the pocket, in idle mode.

Night Mode

Apple already added the Night Shift feature that makes it easier for users to read content at night, without tiring their eyes. Android Nougat will have a similar Night Mode, which will tint the screen yellow.