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What May Be Known About The Latest Pokémon Game

Pokémon fans are ready for the next game series Pokémon Sun and Moon, and are attempting to find clues anywhere about what it might consist of.  And, it’s the fierce loyalty of these fans that clues have been spotted, giving them insight into the game and what they can anticipate.


Battle Layout

Pokenchi is a Japanese show that puts its attention on anything and everything involving Pokémon. Not too long ago, the show talked about the Sun and Moon games, talking about a Pokémon battle. In a screenshot, there were some details released about the game.

In the screenshot, there were two Pokémon about to duel – one Pokémon was the player’s, the other Pokémon  was the trainer’s. It’s a familiar scene in that it’s the same format seen with Pokémon X and Y.

There are a number of differences:

  • The camera is angled so players can see the trainer during their whole battle. This was not a feature in other Pokémon games – players could only see opponents before the battle began.
  • People will now be on the sidelines to watch the battle. People who’ve played previous games know Pokémon Sun and Moon will be the first to have bystanders at the battles. Will this be at every single battle? It’s not clear.

Evolutions Of Starter Pokémon  

Some tech-savvy folks have dropped some more clues about the soon-to-be released Pokémon game, going through the official Pokémon Japanese website to see the source code as it relates to the Starter Pokémon . Here’s what they found:

There were two lines of code in Rowlet’s page:

The two png links relate to two of the Japanese characters – “Flying” and “Grass”.

  • http://www.Pokémonémon/images/icon02.png
  • http://www.Pokémonémon/images/icon01.png

There was png link on Litten’s page that relates to the Japanese “Fire” characters

  • http://www.Pokémonémon/images/icon04.png

Popplio’s page also noted one line of code, which is a PNG image about the “Water” characters

  • http://www.Pokéémon /images/icon05.png

Interestingly enough, both Icon 03 and Icon 06 were missing from the Popplio page. The issue was looked into and learned that the code for Icon 03 related to “Ground” Pokémon  characters while Icon 6 relates to “Fighting” characters.

Every bit of information could mean one of two things but one theory is that Rowlet will become a Grass/Flying Pokémon, Litten will become a Fire/Ground Pokémon and Popplio will become a Water/Fighting Pokémon .

And, it could be that Pokémon’s creators are attempting to throw fans curve balls – to keep the game’s actual details hidden for a little while longer.