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Underground is the first paid DLC that has just been released for Tom Clancy’s The Division. However, it seems that some players are having problems accessing the expansion pack. In addition, the update 1.3 has been released with some technical issues as well.

Unfortunately, this experience is not new to players of this game, as ever since the release of “Falcon Lost” Incursion, they had real problems with glitches and bugs in the game. While these issues have really messed up the game experience, gamers are still being patient, but we’re not sure for how long.

Long time queuing before joining a multiplayer session, not being able to connect online due a Delta error or map glitches are just a few of the issues that the gamers had to deal with. Ubisoft Massive, the game developer, is already working on solving all these problems and it’s trying its best to get rid of them as soon as possible. The developing company has also confirmed on its Twitter account, saying that it is aware of the connectivity issue due to Delta errors and it is looking into it.

The developers have also announced that they know about the issue and that it is not allowing some players to download the Underground DLC even if they’ve purchased the DLC or the Season Pass. In case you are having trouble accessing the Underground (because it shows as “Offline” in-game), then you should make sure that you complete a side mission named Secure Quarantine Center.

Fans of this game are hoping that these issues will be resolved and that the developing company will not have any problem once a new DLC will be released. We also remind you that the “The Division: Underground DLC” has been released for Xbox One and Windows PC on June 28, 2016. Unfortunately, if you own a PS4 console, you will need to wait until August 2, 2016 for this DLC, as the developer has delayed the release date of this DLC for Sony’s console.