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Supercell Hopes May Update Appeases Its Clash of Clans Fans

When the Clash of Clans was taken down on May 4, many fans were upset by the downtime. However, since that time, Supercell release an update for its popular game. The update was necessary to fix some of the bugs that needed fixing, and the team decided it wanted to reduce the amount of time some of the features took in the game.


Developers may have tried to compensate its players for the massive amount of bugs that were released in the December 2015 update and once more in March. Today, users can prepare their armies and do some serious battle.

With the latest download, spell brewing speed have doubled – 30 minutes to 15 minutes. Users can train their witch, dragon and wall breaker in double speed. There were also some significant increases in speed for Golem, Lava Hound and P.E.K.K.A. On top of that, users can regenerate their hero and quickly train their Bowler, Balloon, Valkyrie and Wizard.

There’s also been some gameplay improvement including:

  • More balance, which allows bowlers to reach their target and attack faster
  • Search for an opponent within 30 minutes.

Fans have approved of these changes, especially after Supercell’s bad update blunders in December and March. In fact, some users were so upset by the updates that they quit the game altogether.