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For all of you Sims players here is an overview of all of the facts and rumors regarding the Sims 4 features, Expansion Packs and Stuff Packs

The Sims 4 is the fourth installment in the Sims series and was released in September 2014 for PC and in February for Mac. Right now, those who buy the game get both versions of the game for Mac and PC.

The first Expansion Pack that was released for the fourth Sims installment was Get to Work at only $22.40 and it introduced new careers for the little Sims, new skills and random Aliens. For example, in Get to Work, Sims could own a bookstore, clothing boutique, art gallery and many more. However, there are only three playable careers: Scientist, Doctor and Police Officer. As a Scientist, the Sim can make crazy inventions and then decide if he wants to use them for good or evil. The doctor can cure patients; determine the gender of a baby in a pregnant Sim and can do many more specific activities. The Police Officer catches bad guys and arrests them, interrogates them, basically everything you’d expect a police officer to do.

The upcoming second expansion pack entailed Get Together is presumed to enable Sims to go to DJ parties and dance or to go cafes and clubs. It also allows Sims to explore ancient ruins.

As for the game packs, there have been many so far. The first one was Outdoor Retreat and it was launched in January 2015 and it introduced a new place for the Sims to go to. Basically it’s a place in the woods that is perfect for camping or hiking and it also brought new abilities like roasting marshmallow, herbalism or stargazing.

Spa Day was the second Game Pack and it introduced the Perfect Balance Spa where Sims can go and do yoga, get a mud bath or a massage and they can even visit a fish Aquarium.

Dine out, the third and latest game pack brought restaurants to the Game and it also allowed Sims to meet in restaurants, try different cooking recipes or even own a restaurant.

There have also been many smaller Stuff Packs that improved the gameplay such as the Spooky Stuff which introduced Halloween items and spooky parties or the Movie Hangout Stuff which introduced bohemian clothing, home theaters and popcorn makers

Sims 4 Expansion Packs Rumored Release

There is no official statement about any upcoming Expansion Packs or Game Packs but some Sims Players have received a Survey in Octobers and it suggested that there will be a City Living Expansion and a Supernatural Expansion. According to other rumors, the developers will introduce pets sometime soon.