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Samsung has really been on a high tide ever since the beginning of this year. Their products Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been very well-received on the market and proved to be a huge success. Now they are planning to release the third smartphone this year, a new Galaxy Note. Here are some things you should know about the future release.

1. It will not be Note 6. Though many people are expecting it to be a Note 6, ‘Samsung announced that they will be skipping Note 6, jumping straight to Note 7, in order to bring it in line with the Galaxy S series.

2. It’s gonna be big. If the Note 5 had a 5.7 inches screen (and many complained about that one too that it’s too big), Note 7 will be enjoying a 5.8 inches display. However, the size will be kicked down a notch because of the curved screen.

3. It will include an iris scanner. Samsung has been criticized in the past for developing and including some technical features that didn’t really have a practical use. Some of these were the heart rate monitoring function found in Galaxy S6 and S7 or the closing of the screen controlled by the eyes. However, the iris scanner they bring along with Note 7 might really be useful as a security measure.

4. It will use a headphone jack. While everybody is hyping over Apple’s decision to quit the classic headphone jack, Samsung did not make any declaration in this sense, so it’s safe to assume they will stick to this feature just like they did in the past.

5. VR Gear. By changing the USB to a USB-C type, Note 7 will not be compatible anymore with the initial VR headset. This might mean that in August they will release a new Gear VR model. They confirmed that they are working on a new VR headset that requires you to use the smartphone screen.