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Sony hasn’t given too many details about its upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo, but this didn’t stop fans and analysts to dig up for any relevant information and to make assumptions. And just when Sony has decided to reveal new details about this console, another name was mentioned: PlayStation 4 Slim. Now, fans believe that both consoles will be released in September, at a gaming event.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that an analyst named Damian Thong working for Macquarie Securities is a trusted source who said that the PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Neo will be launched at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) that will take place in September.

The PlayStation 4 Neo was rumored to be showcased at the E3 2016 gaming exposition, but Sony had other plans and it only said that the console is in development and there are high chances that it will be released soon. However, the company didn’t say anything about a PlayStation 4 Slim console, and this name was mentioned later, by Damian Thong.

On the other hand, Microsoft, Sony’s biggest rival, has attended E3 2016 and announced that it’s working on two new consoles, the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. Sony wants to impress its fans and to bring if not better hardware, at least a similar performance. In addition to the two consoles, in October, the South Korean company will launch the PlayStation VR headset and most likely, it will be bought by those who are interested in purchasing the PlayStation 4 Neo.

Other rumors suggest that Sony won’t launch the PlayStation 4 Neo in September and will wait until April-June 2017, but the company hasn’t confirmed this information. The leaked specs of the PS4 Neo indicate an octa core 64-bit AMD processor with a higher clock speed of 2.1GHz, compared to 1.6GHz – as it’s supported in the current PS4. Also, the device could support 8GB of GDDR5, but with 512MB more memory and 24% more bandwidth (218GB/s compared to 176GB/s).