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Adobe Flash Player Has Major Vulnerabilities, Company Urges Users To Constantly Update Players

Most people don’t know they use Adobe Flash Player every day. After all, it lets them carry out rich Internet applications, check out multimedia, watch videos and listen to music. It appears though that many well-known companies have started to migrate to HTML5 since it’s so much more secure. According to various reports, Adobe Flash Player may be gone within a couple of years.


Adobe is attempting to delay the inevitable with new Flash Player versions and fixes of critical vulnerabilities often. The company recently released a security update for Flash Player to deal with a number of vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to get control over a computer.  This Flash Player vulnerability affected computers running Chrome OS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

According to Trend Micro, a company that discovered the problem, said the vulnerability allowed the spread of the Locky ransomware, which is a kind of malicious software that holds the device hostage until a certain amount of money is paid to free the computer files.

Adobe has asked users to update the player as quickly as they can, by clicking on the Flash content in the browser and hit “About Adobe Flash Player”. This lets users know what version of Adobe Flash Player version they have on their computer and what version is available for the OS.

According to the company, hackers have used this vulnerability for devices that are running Windows 10 OS with the Flash Player version. Therefore, anyone with this version and operating software needs to download and install for their computer to protect them from unwanted attacks.