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5 Reasons Adobe Flash Player Is Still So Popular Despite Its Numerous Problems

Adobe Flash Player is considered one of the most known web applications, usually already pre-installed onto a web browser (Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome).  One of the things Adobe has done quite well is making the installation and updating process simple with little technological know-how needed.


However, one has to wonder why people still use Adobe Flash Player.

It Takes Time To Release New Technology

While the move is attempting to get away from Flash, the change will take some time to do. HTML 5 has replaced 5 when dealing with media – audio or video. However, developers are having a difficult time with the existing Flash videos because changing the whole infrastructure means spending an excess resource amount.

Still, technology will catch up sooner or later and new websites won’t use Flash… older websites will eventually upgrade to HTML 5 or be eliminated.

There’s Been No Reason To Upgrade

Developers often ask themselves why they should spend their time and money upgrading products that work just fine. While it sounds a little dumb, it’s actually quite logical. However, when people really consider it, websites are a business and what business isn’t going to work on something that boosts their profits, especially if it actually decrease workplace productivity.

Numerous Websites Use It

There are an array of websites that use Flash to work – whether the application on the website is simple like a painting program – or something more technical like a computer game such as Friv. If these websites quit using Flash, they could actually lose the website because it’s integrated heavily into Flash.

It’s Simple To Come UP With and Get Into Action

Years… that’s how long Flash has been available, and because of that, it’s the most documented platform there.  In fact, 2D platformer, 3D shooter games and other open source applications are embedded into it.

With so much work already completed on the platform, it’s easy to build upon what developers have already created. People can use the information developers offered on what does and does not work to avoid making the same mistake. It’s like Lincoln Logs already being built for folks!

Developers Are Just A Bit Lazy

Many developers these days are lazy – they really don’t want to go about learning new techniques or doing research, especially since somebody else has done the work for a well-known app that solves users’ problems.

Consider media streaming – users can go through some simple steps and embed the mp3 files right onto their website then go through an array of other steps to monetize it when they’re not using a third-party service. Or, they can sign up at a media host, which uses Flash and create the rest of their empire on it. Just upload, copy and paste the code and that’s it!