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Recently WhatsApp has released 2 interesting features for Windows Phone. They implemented initially the features for the beta testers, and now they released it for everybody. Now you are able to read the messages you receive via quotes (a feature that is similar to the Twitter Quotes). Moreover, now you have a better image pickier, which makes it extremely easy to search, access and add images in the messaging app. Besides these two features, there seems to be no other addition. Most likely, they also worked on some bug fixes and improvements for some of the old features.

The latest update for Windows phone is the version 2.16.106. Some people complained about the fact that the send button is placed uncomfortably in the app for the left-handed users, especially on the Lumia 950 XL smartphone. There have also been other minor issues reported by some of the users, such as the “select messages” button not working when you’re in a group. Also, some lines tend to repeat themselves in longer messages. For other users, the new update proved to be not so good, since it slowed down the app and gave way to lots of crashes.

A couple of months ago WhatsApp also introduced end-to-end encryption, in an attempt to compete with other apps that were already using this security feature. This update was very well received by its users and also boosted the app’s popularity. Also, they released a version of the app for web, an addition that was needed for a long time, thus replacing the old third-app that was for Chrome.

People are curious to see what other developments the team has in plan and how the app will evolve in time.