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It appears WhatsApp wants to amaze its users – developers have been working on a new feature known as video calling, which will ensure the app is closely related to its competitors – Facebook, Skype and FaceTime.

It’s an update that’s been in the rumor mill for a number of years, but the wait may finally be coming to its end. According to several beta testers, there was a video calling option available. And, if they’re right, it means developers are looking to offer the feature in the instant messaging app with an array of other notable features.

Of course, the video calling feature is still not publicly available. And, the developers released another beta version with no sign of it on it. Some leaked screenshots showed some video calls were made through WhatsApp, but there’s still no official information.

Obviously WhatsApp is looking to make several worthwhile changes in their app, perhaps to become a more integrated one like its competitors. It only be natural to want to compete with other app developers, and including this video calling feature to its app would definitely be competing.

WhatsApp developers come up with several desktop apps as well. But, users had already expected these. People using Apple OS X, Windows 8 or Windows 10 don’t need third party apps to use the program.

Several more leaks about the app include voicemail, which would be offered in both iOS and Android, finishing up the array of services WhatsApp developers can offer users.

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