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What Clash of Clans Users Should Understand About Wall Breakers

Clash of Clans users have their troops on the ready. They’ve studied their enemy’s base, coming up with a path the troops need to take to take out the defense towers, eliminate the Town Hall and earn their three stars.


It’s time for them to attack their opponent.

They release their Wall Breakers on the path to the defense tower, only to find they’re not going where they need to be. Users’ Wall Breakers are going into the wrong walls, which ruins their attack method and leaves the players wondering what just went wrong.

What players need to remember is that the key life goal of a Wall Breaker is to free buildings that are partially or completely trapped by walls.

How do Wall Breakers pick their target?

Users need to understand three things on how Wall Breakers work:

  • They first look for the nearest turret or building that’s been trapped by a wall, whether it’s full entrapment or a partial one. And, they don’t care what kind of building it is. The goal of a Wall Breaker is to see things free.
  • They look at the shortest path they can take to the trapped building and blow the walls in its path out. Its goal is to see anything free…regardless of how.
  • Once the wall is gone, the building is open, which means Wall Breakers start after the next building that’s been trapped by walls.  Without taking a break, they continue to blow up anything that’s trapped behind walls.

There’s no way to trick the Wall Breakers with short decoy wall sections.  Since they are intent on freeing buildings from walls, they know when they’re being deceived. Users should not try using the Jump Spell since it does nothing to them. Wall Breakers are about destroying walls, not jumping on them.

Should Wall Breakers have nothing to break, they’ll go after the closest building to them to attack.

Wall Breakers are necessary for any ground attacks users have in mind and are useful in gameplay. However, it’s important users know how to take advantage of them.