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Facebook users who like to be informed about their friends’ activity – in their news feed they will see what they’re posting (photos, statuses, videos, articles etc.). Facebook has given its users the ability to filter and sort their feed (chronologically), to choose to hide/turn off notifications/report post, unfollow the person or hide everything that person is posting. But some annoying or uninteresting posts still appeared in the news feed and Facebook has listened to users’ complaints and it announced that the home page will be overhauled.

The announcement was made by Vice President of product management Adam Mosseri, who mentioned the News Feed Values, a set of five guiding principles that will allow users to prioritize what content they want to see in their news feed, in what order.

Thanks to the new algorithms, family and friends will be put toward the top of the page, so the first thing that will appear in your news feed will be your mom’s favorite recipes, pictures with cats or maybe embarrassing pictures with you from when you were little. Also, if you have a number of favorite friends with whom you interact more often, your news feed will provide you with more relevant content they post.

Facebook will learn about your interests based on which topics you consider informative and click on links to read more. Also, the algorithm will study who else from your list of friends shares your interests and it will promote their stories in your news feed. However, one thing’s for sure: the changes that Facebook will make to your news feed will surely make it more relevant to your needs.

Mark Zuckerberg has released Facebook on February 4, 2004, when he was a student at Harvard College. He worked with a few roommates and launched the website only for Harvard students, but later, it was expanded to education institutions in Boston and since 2006, Facebook has become available worldwide to everyone who is aged 13 and older.

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