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It seems that Winter is coming to Clash Royale, as a new sneak peak of the Arena 8, also known as Frozen Peak, is bringing winter to this popular card game. The arena comes with an icy mountain and a field that looks like a skating rink.

There are also reports saying that players will be able to choose in which Arena they play when they want to participate in friendly battles. In other words, for those who have been playing in the same arena forever and would love a change, this option will surely be welcomed by all players of the game.

There are rumors which say that this update will be released on July 4, 2016, which means that if this is true, in just 2 days we will be able to update our Clash Royale game. Here are a few of the changes that are expected to come in this upcoming major update:

– Card Balancing Changes: Supercell has announced earlier this week that some balancing changes will come and the changes will affect 10 cards, 9 of them being upgraded, while 1 one of them will be downgraded.
– New Tournaments for All: Supercell is trying to expand the community by bringing a way for anyone to start and participate in in-game tournaments. However, we don’t have too much information about these changes.
– UI Design Changes: With the new arena and the addition of tournaments, Supercell will also bring some user interface changes to the game. First of all, the developers will rearrange the items inside of each tab and they will add a separate tournament tab and move TV Royale to the middle of the screen.
– Four new cards: There are also rumors which say that that four new cards will be added in the new update, but we don’t have any information about these cards.